When it comes to finding an accurate tape measure that will not only give you accurate readings but will last a long time, many people will agree that it is not a very easy task.

More often than not, tape measures are off by 1/6 after the foot mark. It is very difficult to find a tape measure that is accurate and measures more than 10 feet.

Most Accurate Tape Measure

With that said, there are various ‘tricks’ that you can use to ensure your tape measure is accurate. For example:

1. Using Rulers

You can use two rulers to measure off the accuracy. You will need to place a short ruler on one side and measure the tape measure to the rulers. As you do so, be sure to add the results as you go.

2. Stock & Precision Rule

Another method that can be used to determine accuracy is using a flat piece of stock together with a Starrett precision rule. Basically, all you will need to do is mark off scribe marks as you measure it against the tape measure.

Concluding Thoughts

The above are fairly simple ways of determining the accuracy of your tape measure.

There are several other features that go a long way in ensuring you get accurate readings off your tape measure. You can opt to buy a tape measure with a clear reading window; these tape measures make the reading of measurements much easier.

Most Accurate Tape Measure 2

Personally, I always prefer working with the all-metal models. This is because I realized the ones with a plastic spool often break off and cannot stand to be retracted quickly and repeatedly. For that matter, I generally avoid the ones with a plastic spool.

In addition to that, it helps when you are clear on the level of accuracy that you require from your tape measure.

When it comes to taking measurements, consistency is more important than accuracy. However, if you do need it to be extremely accurate, I would recommend a Class 1 tape measure. This class of tape measures is accurate down to +/-1.1mm. It would, therefore, be in your best interest to invest in something like an Axminster Precision tape.

If you’d like more info on accurate measurements for home improvement projects, go to Carve Your Creation.

I hope this helps!

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