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There are multiple advantages to painting any surface: it’s additional layer of protection for the material, and the surface can be given the desired color to match your home decor.

While walls, furniture, wooden items, cars and other items are painted, usually it is recommended that a clear coat is applied over water-based paint mainly for wooden items and vehicle painting. This provides additional protection from damage due to the external environment and wear and tear.

For example, while cleaning furniture, if no clear coat is applied, the paint can chip or peel off and the furniture can get discolored and damaged over a period of time.

Water-Based Paint

Clear Coat Over Water-Based Paint Image 1

It’s usually the case that wooden furniture is painted using a water-based paint, which is far safer and contains less organic matter. Other advantages to using water-based paint include:

  • it’s easier to apply and will dry quickly, so less time will be required for painting.
  • it’s easier to clean paintbrushes, tools and other equipment that have come into contact with water-based paint. This is in contrast to oil paints, which require solvents for cleaning to dissolve any deposits.

With that said, water-based paint can chip easily, and so normally a clear coat application over the paint layer is recommended.

Clear Coat Paint

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A clear coat paint is similar to a conventional paint in most aspects; however, it lacks the pigment which give most paints their color. So, it’s essentially a transparent coating or clear coat over the colored water-painted surface.

In addition to protecting the colored painted surface from being damaged, it also ensures that the color does not fade due to direct contact with the environment – the clear coating is a transparent protective layer of paint over the surface of the furniture or other wooden object. Poly acrylic is a water-based clear coat available in different finishes like high-gloss and satin depending on the requirement.

Hopefully now you understand why it’s advantageous to apply a clear coat over water-based paint. Now get out there and realize the benefits for yourself!

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